About Elisabet Rodriguez

Elisabet Rodriguez performs administrative duties for JC’s Precious Minds Foundation in the Dominican Republic. She organizes information on each family and the children’s needs via virtual meetings. A graduate of the Dominican University, Elisabet spent the last eight years working with children ages 4-8 at Escuela Hogar Emaus and two years ago moved to a position as principal of Escuela Hogar Emaus. Certified in Educational Leadership, Team Management, and Human Potential in Organizations by EDUTEC.

Elisabet loves fulfilling her family’s legacy of helping others by helping Dominican families with special needs access resources that will help them thrive. She loves connecting with parents and their children and seeing the improvement in their lives after JC’s Precious Minds Foundation gets involved. 

Elisabet is a Christian who loves to read, travel, and spend time with her family. She loves music and dancing.