About Enercida Rodriguez

Enercida Rodriguez represents JC’s Precious Minds Foundation in the Dominican Republic. A William Phillips Language School graduate, Enercida is a qualified English interpreter with a postgraduate degree in school management. 

Before joining JC’s Precious Minds Foundation, Enercida spent 12 years in education, first serving as a classroom teacher and then moving to a position as principal of an inclusive school. Enercida ran the first school providing inclusive education for children with special needs in La Romana, a coastal city in the Dominican Republic.

When families work with JC’s Precious Minds Foundation, Enercida connects them with resources, researches to determine family needs, and ensures they get the support they need to thrive. She assists parents with finding services for their children and can even contact schools when an issue arises.

Enercida’s favorite thing about working with JC’s Precious Minds is the sensation that she gets from changing someone’s life. She enjoys seeing children who couldn’t speak or develop social relationships, learn to take the bus to school, ask for what they need, and enjoy the company of other children. Working with the foundation is a life-changing experience because she knows the lives of people JC’s Precious Minds touches will be forever altered.

In addition to her work with JC’s Precious Minds Foundation, Enercida is a recording artist and a Christian. She lives in the Dominican Republic with her husband and young daughter. You can often find her reading and drinking coffee.