The foundation has been a blessing for my son and for me, because I would not have been able to afford by myself everything he needs to help him have a better life. 

When Dereck entered the school he did not collaborate in class, he did not work or take orders, a second teacher had to be placed for him because the teacher alone could not work with him and the other kids. Thankfully, he is now integrated, works in a group, He does his homework (when he is in the mood) and socializes with his teacher, and even though he still does not do much with the other children, he is working hard to do so.

Thanks to the foundation my son can go to a school that understands him and his needs, a school that can help with his challenges.

He is doing occupational therapy, takes swimming lessons; I can but his medications, he also goes regularly to his appointments with the specialist.

Nickauris Rodriguez 
Dereck´s mom

I experienced a sense of the end of the world when Ramses was diagnosed with autism. With him, it was nearly impossible to leave the house because I was so worried about his future that I sobbed nonstop for a while. Then, in 2021, I obtained assistance from the JC Precious Mind Foundation, who were like angels sent by God. Since that time, my family’s dynamic has totally changed.

Since Ramses began taking classes, receiving therapy, and receiving food, we have been able to witness his progress to the extent that our son Ramses is no longer the same as he was a year ago. We are moved by every new word he says, every new food he requests and tries, and by every new action he takes. Everything I once imagined my son could do, he has accomplished thanks to the collaboration and support of the JC Precious Mind Foundation. We can only say “THANK YOU” because without your assistance, who knows where we would be.

Mercedes Alejandrina Tavarez
Mother of Ramsés
6 Years Old Boy

JC´s Precious Mind Foundation comes to us as an answer to our prayers. A wonderful Goduality. At a time when we were lost and wondering if the decisions we made were right for Dylan, this ray of light came to ease our shoulders.

In July of last year, when we went to the end-of-year activity, we came across the news that the center could not continue having our son because he was not progressing in school, he needed special attention in the classroom because he was distracted and there was no way to sit him down. It was a sad moment and a lot of agony because we didn’t know where to start to find a suitable place. Until then, we juggled to keep up with occupational therapies during the week. Then it was time to decide what to prioritize. We found an inclusive school and for his progress, we got him into this center knowing that the payments literally left us without the therapies and forced us to do the rest. At the time I received that life changing call, I had prayed to God to guide me if I should stop school and instead get back to therapy, what to do, how to move forward. And then there was a spark. With JC Foundation, in a short time we were able to get back on track with the autism evaluation that the educational center required. Also we received funds to improve his snacks since due to his condition he is very selective and there are many foods that are not suitable for him because they stimulate him too much.

The Bible says in Isaiah 43:2 ‘When you cross the waters, I will be with you and when you cross the rivers, they will not cover you. When you go through the fire, you will not be burned and the flames will not scorch you.’

God does not say that he will save us from the waters or the fire, but he promises to be with us through this path. As I reflect, I can see God in these people who are interested in helping children with special conditions and desperate parents, to get an opportunity for their children. We are so amazed on how the JC Foundation team has connected with our family and how much they love checking on Dylan and his progress. We are forever grateful.

The Fiallo Santos family wants to express our eternal gratitude.

Our family is made up of 4 members, dad, 2 4-year-old twin girls, Stella and Juliette and I, the mother. We are full-time parents trying to meet our children and family´s needs, unfortunately we could not meet Juliette’s needs, extra therapies, gluten-free diet,
her medications and her follow-ups with her neurologist, a situation that had us very concerned.

We tried to look for ways at home to help Juliette as best we could. In January 2023 JC Precious Mind Foundation came into our lives, angels who came to supply everything Juliette needs, from her school to feeding her. You have been a great blessing to us, seeing our girl take her therapies, which she needed so much, and being able to take her nutritional supplements overflow our hearts of joy and gratitude.

May God continue to bless the lives of those helping our child and family.

Thanks a lot!!